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Amebix Community
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Amebix formed in the summer of 1978 as The Band With No Name and recorded a 6 track tape, of which they sold 4 copies! A track, University Challenged, from that tape was used on the comp LP "Bullshit Detector 1". They then went through various line-up changes, including a drummer called Martin who let them live with him in a manor house in the middle of Dartmoor. His parents came home, found them living there, and sent Martin to a clinic where he was given medication to make him "normal" again.

The Baron and Stig got Norman to play synth for them and in 1981 they moved to Bristol where the met Disorder. Disorder's drummer, Virus, started drumming for Amebix and in 1983 left Disorder to play with them full time. They got a deal with Spiderleg records who released the "Who's the enemy" EP, "Winter" 7" and "No Sanctuary" 12"EP. They got a new synth player on No Sanctuary but he left shortly afterwards. They then toured Italy as a three piece and in November 1984 they got a new synth player, George, and toured Holland.

After this tour Virus got kicked out and after getting a deal with Alternative Tentacles they accquired Spider to play drums. In 1985 "Arise" was released on Alternative Tentacles. They left Alternative Tentacles after "Arise" and in 1987 "Monolith" was released. Amebix split up at the end of 1987. Spider, George and Stig then went on to form Zygote. Spider now has a band called Muckspreader and the Baron apparently lives on the Isle Of Sky, where he has a successful sword making business!

Stig - Guitar and backing vocals
The Baron - Bass and vocals
Spider - Drums
George - Synths

Demo 1979 - Tape
Who's The Enemy - 7"
Winter - 7"
No Sanctuary - 12"
Arise - LP
Monolith - LP
Z Vivo - Tape
Power Remains - LP
Arise - CD
Beginning Of The End - CD
Monolith - CD
Make Some Fucking Noise - LP

V/A - Bullshit Detector 1 - LP
V/A - Babylon: Bleibt Fahren - LP

Muckspreader are now called Walrus, and Spider has had to give up playing because he got tinitus.
If anyone wants to get hold of the Muckspreader record that he plays on contact xwasted_youthx.

stolen from this currently inactive site

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