hellbound whirligig (protest_zine) wrote in amebix,
hellbound whirligig

Scairt Radio broadcast by Profane Existence

For anyone who listens to podcasts (and likes their music noisy). Scairt Radio is hosted by me and broadcast by Profane Existence. Idea's, feedback or anyone who wants to get involved with interviews or anything else, you're more than welcome. Lot of Irish stuff on here too.


01: Crow - Hametsu No Haoto (The Beating Of The Wings of Destruction) [Crow Records]
02: Hellshock - Outlaw (Singles) [H.G. Fact]
03: Morne - force (Untold Wait) [Feral Ward]
04: Fall Of Efrafa - Republic Of Heaven (Inlé) [Sound Devastation]
05: Divisions Ruin - Occupy & Resist (Distorted For Life comp)
['Two Headed Dog'zine]
06: Bullet Ridden - Do this in remembrance of me [unreleased]
07: Raw Noise - Scum Will Rise To The Top (Scum Will...)
[MCR Company/LowLife]
08: Instinct Of Survival - Suffocation (North Of Nowhere)
[Underground Movement]
09: Coitus - Real Cold Fear (Fucked Into Oblivion) [Underground Movement]
10: Stormcrow- Anguished Existence (Hail of Gunfire 2 comp)
[Underground Movement]
11: Bacchus - Slowly Dying (Attica) [Distro-y]
12: Debt - Dead Or Demented (The Pain Of Constant Living) [Control]
13: Blue Babies - Drunken Church (From a Whisper to a Scream) [F.O.A.D]
14: Killercrust - Flying Kiwi In Your Face (Make Mine Crusty) [Warzone]
15: Metal Witch - Believe In The Power Of Rock (Outbreak Of Metal 1)
16: Warvictims - Forintelsens Offer (split w/Flyblown) [Black Seeds]
17: Extreme Noise Terror - Divided & Ruled (To Future comp) [Blood Sucker]
18: Appalachian Terror Unit - Lets Take The Fight To Them (Greenwashing)
[Profane Existence]
19: Amebix - Chain Reaction (Live Philadelphia 2009)

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