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Lyrics for Curfew, Belief

I'm searching for Amebix lyrics from Who's The Enemy -album to Curfew and Belief. Tried googling, tried listening, now I wish you could help me out.

Some time ago I noted that the home page for Amebix had gone in the wind, I don't know what has happened to it, does any of you know? It wasn't the official or anything but had a lot of images and lyrics and such in it. I think it was located under .

I'm now thinking to build up new home pages if I have the time for it, so if any of you have Amebix related stuff, pictures, interviews. anything, please e-mail me those. The address is sisli at gstdomain dot net. Thank you.

edit: corrected the album name, it's Who's the Enemy and not Monolith as I had written.
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